Elemental Well-Being

almond oil / peach kernel / himalayan salt / dry brush

wood: rejuvenating and immuno-boosting
fire: stimulates and invigorates the mind
earth: balances body and mind, aids sleeplessness
metal: detoxifies and tonifies
water: soothes and relieves stress

Firmly rooted in the Five Element theory of traditional Chinese & Japanese medicine, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are used to help diagnose conflicting symptoms within your body & mind.

Using only the highest grade, first extraction plant oils, we draw upon Eastern and Western massage techniques and tailor them to your specific needs. These natural oil infusions are a modern-day interpretation of the ancient theory, and when intentionally applied through body work, a powerful and holistic approach to restoring individual balance is achieved.

Your quest for equilibrium begins with a plunge in a private, mineral-infused soak in our traditional Japanese ofuro tub. Next, a dry body brushing encourages skin cell regeneration and stimulates lymphatic flow prior to a fully customized 60-minute massage with your choice of element-inspired oil.

60 or 90 minutes (dry brushing and massage)

$235 / $315

75 or 105 minutes (bath, dry brushing and massage)

$280 / $360


Drunken Lotus

white lotus / sake / jojoba / cucumber seed

cucumber seed: refreshes, tightens and softens skin
jojoba oil: moisturizes, rich in vitamin E and natural antioxidants
sake: increases circulation, eliminates toxins and moisturizes dry skin
white lotus: quiets the mind and opens crown chakra

Shibui’s signature massage uses customized strokes and hot, sake-soaked towels to release tired muscles, as jojoba, cucumber and essential oils nourish your skin and quiet your mind. Ideal for jet-lag, dehydration, or after a night of over-indulging.

60 or 90 minutes
$220 / $300


Healing Birch

birch / shea / peppermint / helichrysum

birch: reduces inflammation and relieves chronic pain
shea butter: softens dry, tough skin and restores elasticity
peppermint: clears the mind and enhances concentration
helichrysum: increases circulation, promotes production of new cells, uplifts the spirit

Everything you’ll need to recover from chronic stress and sore muscles. Our healing massage targets areas of repetitive contraction, stimulating circulation and movement from within the body. Herbal packs penetrate heat deep into muscle tissue, as our homemade balm of shea butter, jojoba, helichrysum and birch oils reduce inflammation and support tissue growth. Perfect post-workout, a long flight or a stressful day.

60 or 90 minutes
$220 / $300


Traditional Japanese Shiatsu

Performed in traditional manner on tatami floor, Shiatsu blends acupressure-point therapy with stretching of the meridians to stimulate the flow of energy throughout your body. Unlike other massages, no oil is applied, and you remain fully clothed during the treatment. Firm-to-deep, rhythmic pressure is applied to your entire body using the thumbs, palms, knees, forearms, elbows, and feet. This massage induces deep relaxation and brings the body back into balance.

60 or 90 minutes
$220 / $300



to entrust / protect

Place your trust in one of our dedicated massage therapists by allowing them to create a personalized bodywork session for you. Our Omakase ritual is designed for different lengths of time—60, 90 or 120 minutes—with a combination of therapies and oils available to heal and release deeply-rooted stress patterns, pain or energetic blockage. Your session may incorporate modalities such as Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki, Ashiatsu, Myofascial release, or Thai massage, resulting in a peaceful and safe exchange between you and your therapist.

60, 90 or 120 minutes
$220 / $300 / $400


Samunprai Thai Poultice

ginger / lemongrass / kaffir lime oil / camphor

thai ginger: improves circulation, warms and strengthens the body
lemongrass: stimulates circulation and digestion, helps concentration and mental fatigue
kaffir lime leaf oil: purifying antioxidant, calming, relieves anxiety
dried camphor: relieves muscle pain, strengthens and tonifies skin

Samunprai, or “ginger herb,” is a powerful treatment dating back to 14th century Thailand. This holistic ritual incorporates medicinal heat and four massage modalities to relieve muscular, joint and back pain. Royal Thai Massage, similar to acupressure, releases blocked energy, while our poultice, made of indigo fabric and filled with healing herbs such as yaa nang, ginger and lemongrass, is steamed and kneaded on the body, allowing the herbs and oils to penetrate and act as potent detoxifiers while increasing lymphatic drainage. Finally, Thai stretches and deep breath work, or Savitiri, energize and balance the body and mind. Recommended for athletes, circulatory and digestive concerns, and the overly-stressed.

90 minutes


Traditional Chinese Reflexology

Our classic, healing foot treatment begins with a ginger cleansing ritual to open the energetic channels of the feet. We then massage bee propolis onto each foot, following the tenets of Chinese reflexology. Revitalizes tired feet, cleanses the body of toxins, and stimulates the production of endorphins.

60 minutes


Little Bean

adzuki bean / shea / rosehip / geranium / neroli

adzuki bean: rich in minerals and vitamins, leaves skin aglow and silky
shea butter: prevents stretch marks, protects skin and boosts immune system
rosehip: rehydrates tissues and replenishes skin’s moisture level
geranium: hormone balancing, uplifting and relaxing

Our pre and post natal massage is a customized massage using our homemade balm of shea butter, rosehip, jojoba and baby-safe essential oils to relieve tension and aches from your changing body. A gentle mask of ground Adzuki bean and Kaolin clay is applied to the belly to firm and tone the skin as it stretches, while feet are dotingly massaged. Best received from 3-months onwards.

60 or 90 minutes
$220 / $300