Luxury Spanish skincare brand, Natura Bisse, fuses cutting-edge science with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to deliver sophisticated formulations that yield visible results.


Oxygen Awakening

Infuse every pore with a blast of pure Oxygen. City dwellers, frequent travelers and smokers will benefit from the light-as-air formula, which rapidly penetrates the skin and releases oxygen molecules into the epidermal layer. These molecules re-energize natural cellular functions and eliminate toxins residing within the pores. This facial includes a stimulating, oxygen-boosting glycolic peel, a facial massage and an oxygen finishing mask to further decongest the skin while transporting you to a state of relaxation. Suitable for all skin types, yet ideal for those showing signs of skin congestion from exposure to pollutants, stress or hormonal shifts.

60 / 90 minutes
$250/ $350 weekdays

$265 / $365 weekends


Vitamin C Recovery

Restore your skin’s firmness with vitamin C, the most natural form of repair and prevention for visible signs of aging and sun damage. This antioxidant facial begins with a customized cleanse and gentle exfoliation, followed by a reparative serum containing high concentrations of vitamin C, formulated to stimulate collagen production and renew the skin’s firmness. Next, a sculpting massage and rich C+C Ascorbic Acid mask allow essential vitamins and nutrients to penetrate the skin, ensuring that your complexion emerges nourished and bright. An ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or concerns with aging, hydration, and hyperpigmentation.

60 / 90 minutes
$250 / $350 weekdays

$265 / $365 weekends


Lift and Sculpt

Reverse time and give fine lines a boost of hydration and essential vitamins. Pomegranate extract stimulates the skin’s natural renewal process and acts as an intense antioxidant. Gentle yet active glycolic exfoliation allows the skin to regain its vitality, revealing a luminous glow. A collagen-boosting serum provides suppleness and elasticity and helps balance hormonal deficiencies. A sculpting massage and double mask redefine the contour of your face with an immediate lifting effect. Recommended for a mature, dehydrated or lackluster skin.

60/90 minutes

$265 / $380 weekdays

$280/ $395 weekends


Diamond Glow

This revolutionary treatment provides glowing results for hyper-pigmented skin. Formulated, with high concentrations of effective whitening and lightening active ingredients that achieve astonishing results after the first session. This unique treatment evens skin tone and minimizes pores to reveal a completely uniform complexion.  Suitable for all skin types this ritual is the perfect solution for radiant skin.

60/90 minutes

$265 / $380 weekdays

$280/ $395 weekends



Passion and Italian excellence are the underlying forces behind Pietro Simone Skincare. Rich in active ingredients sourced from across the Mediterranean. Formulated to hydrate, firm and restorative the skin using powerful anti-ageing properties that invigorate the skin to generate positive, sustained results.

Omakase Facial

Entrust in the expertise and techniques of your technician. Innovative ingredients and ancient techniques carefully chosen to increase circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, improve fine lines and wrinkles and sculpt the contours of the face while nurturing your skin. A truly customized experience.

90 minutes

$380 weekdays / $395 weekends


Integral Restorer

An intensive moisture-restoring treatment supports sensitive skin types. This premium anti-aging facial focuses on hydrating and skin-saving nutrients. helping to increase elasticity and promote collagen production for a vibrant skin.

60 minutes

$250 weekdays / $265 weekends




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