Body Treatments

Bamboo Glow

bamboo sap / gingergrass / sea algae / yuzu

bamboo sap: hydrates skin and promotes cell regeneration
gingergrass: stimulates circulation and warms the body
sea algae: firms, heals and increases skin elasticity
yuzu: soothes dry, chapped skin, rich in antioxidants & Vitamin C

Soften, firm, and hydrate your skin with our body treatment inspired by the textures and fragrances of Japan. A vigorous bamboo and gingergrass scrub is followed by a private shower with yuzu sea algae wash. Next, sip a Yuzu Spa Tonic while soaking in a hinoki mint mineral bath in our ofuro tub. Once fully relaxed, your body is treated to a 60-minute, moisture-binding massage infused with bergamot, vetiver, and wild, Japanese lime.

120 minutes


Seasonal Beauty

Like our wardrobes, our skin’s needs shift from season to season. These signature body treatments capture the essence of the season by using ingredients that balance your skin as the climate changes from one month to the next.


Spring & Summer

orange flower / papaya / pomegranate

orange flower: balances sebum production, antiseptic and calming
papaya: stimulates cell renewal, gently exfoliates
pomegranate: powerful antioxidant, stimulates circulation and aqua-drainage

Warm weather demands radiant skin. This refreshing body treatment begins with a full-body polish of orange flower, papaya, sugar and salt. Once new skin is revealed, you are gently cocooned in a cooling mask of cucumber and aloe vera. As the mask sets, your mind is relaxed with a soothing scalp massage. Following a private rain shower, your skin is treated to a 60-minute massage of jasmine, frangipani and tuberose infused pomegranate oil. The results will leave you glowing.

120 minutes


Fall & Winter

himalayan salt / mango butter / australian clay / peppermint / may chang

himalayan salt: rich in minerals to support cell metabolism
mango butter: powerful humectant soothes, nourishes and protects skin
australian clay: rich in essential minerals, draws out and eliminates impurities
peppermint: uplifting, cooling and invigorating
may chang: warms and invigorates circulation

Our cold weather ritual is designed to warm your body and bring your skin back to a nourished state, starting with a circulation-boosting body scrub of rich mango and shea butter, Himalayan salts and Ho Leaf. Once fresh skin is revealed, a thermal clay infused with botanical winter oils is applied and wrapped. As it sets, your scalp is treated to a luxurious massage. The treatment is completed with a 60-minute massage of sweet almond oil infused with May Chang, peppermint and thyme.

120 minutes