Health and Safety Protocol

For your protection

It is our intention and commitment to offer you the highest level of service, and hospitality, given how we must all behave to ensure our well-being as we navigate the Covid-19 pandemic Guest and Employee health and safety is our number one priority.

Guest Experience – From arrival to departure your stay will offer minimal contact with other people, recognizing social distancing, whilst offering touch-free check-in and check out. Housekeeping services will be available but upon request only, and Room Service will be limited, and offered only to the guest room door. Food and Beverage Service will be available in the Drawing Room and Courtyard (summer only) subject to the appropriate distancing, with masks and gloves worn by the staff, and masks by the guest, when ordering or being served. Gym access will be limited, and the pool and Shibui Spa will reĀ­open only when permitted by city guidelines and health requirements.

Hotel Access – Access to the hotel will only be permitted to hotel guests, or those people invited by a guest, hotel staff scheduled to work, and expected delivery people and contractors. All people entering the building will be subject to temperature checks and health verification.

Physical Distancing – Both guests and staff will be required to comply with recommended physical distancing of minimally six feet – this will be encouraged in all areas of the hotel – public and back of house areas, Front Door, and Front Desk areas, corridors, and elevators.

Face Masks and Gloves – All staff will be expected to wear a mask, and gloves where applicable, when working in a public area and within any guest accommodation. They will be expected to wear a mask when entering or leaving the building and when moving through any back of house area. Masks and gloves will be provided for each guest, and guests will be expected to wear a mask when entering or leaving the building, when moving about any public area including corridors and elevators, and when speaking with any staff member.

Hand Sanitizer – Dispensers, touchless where possible, will be made available in all appropriate areas such as at the Front Door, Front Desk, elevators, entrances to public areas and in all back of house areas, and at the staff entrance. Hand sanitizers will be provided in each guest room.

Cleaning Protocols and Sanitation – High touchpoints in all public areas will be sanitized every 60 minutes and there will be enhanced deep cleaning for all areas each day. Guest Rooms will remain vacant for 24 hours following a departure and will be thoroughly sanitized during that period using hospital-grade products effective against viruses, bacteria, and other airborne pathogens.

Employee and Guest Health Concerns – Employees are instructed to stay at home if they do not feel well and are asked to contact a manager if they start to feel unwell whilst on duty, or notice a colleague or guest with a cough, shortness of breath, or other known signs of COVID-19. Guests are asked to contact hotel security if they start to feel unwell whilst in the hotel. All employees will be asked to take their own temperature before they leave home and sign a waiver acknowledging they feel well and do not display any known symptom of the Covid-19 virus and will have their temperatures taken when they get to work to verify the same. If they exhibit a temperature of or over 100.4oF they will be asked to remain at or go home. If we are alerted to a presumptive case of COVID-19 at the hotel, we will work with the New York State Dept of Health to follow the recommended protocols.


Please note that these protocols are subject to change depending upon recommendations and existing situations.


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