J. Crew at the Liquor Store

The J.Crew Men’s Shop at the Liquor Store is one of the most unique and interesting boutiques downtown. Described by some as the J.Crew version of the John Varvatos/CBGB store, this venue was conceptualized in partnership with branding genius Andy Spade (Kate Spade, Jack Spade, Partners & Spade). The concept store is a departure from the traditional J.Crew décor: it channels sophisticated comfort with dark paneling, antique displays, plush leather chairs and a meticulously curated selection of vintage curiosities. Products range from a selection of J.Crew limited edition suits and cashmeres to outside collaborations (Mackintosh coats, Thomas Mason shirting), as well as best-in-breed gear (Alden shoes, Baracuta jackets) and vintage items like tie bars, Rolexes and shaving apparel.

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