Seasonal Soaks

Baths can be booked with any full-length treatment, and cannot be booked independently.


spring / le printemps purification crafted from sea minerals to revitalize, purge toxins and banish fatigue. essential oils from geranium petals and yarrow purify and mend the mind. welcome spring!

summer / l’ete essential too much fun in the sun? sea salt aids in stimulating circulation, while clay’s negative charge helps draw out unhealthy toxicity. soothing spirulina and luminaria restore hydration and vitality.

fall / l’automne calming cleanse body, clear head and breathe deeply. formulated of juniper berry oil, frankincense, Himalayan cedar and ho leaf to induce absolute relaxation and open the heart center.

winter / l’hiver healing made from pure, raw spicy ginger root to warm, decongest and help eliminate toxins. perfect for when you feel run down from seasonal symptoms.

30 minutes
$95 (private soak) / $120 (for two)