The TriBeCa Penthouse

A sanctuary high above the corner of Greenwich Street and North Moore Street.

The TriBeCa Penthouse was created by Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt and Japanese architect Tatsuro Miki, in close collaboration with the hotel’s partners Ira Drukier and Robert De Niro. The 6,800 sq ft suite was inspired by the TriBeCa neighborhood’s industrial past fused with the ancient Japanese aesthetic of Wabi.

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The industrial treatment of the top is in perfect harmony with the building below. It is a logical expression how it could have been. From the street one should think it was first an old workshop later an artist’s atelier. The third evolution of this atelier is a living space to contemplate New York as it is today. - Axel Vervoordt

The Penthouse design incorporates the philosophical beliefs of Wabi: beauty found in imperfection and authenticity; Artempo – where time becomes art; and poor materials that are rich in spirit.

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With minimal design, reclaimed materials from the surrounding area, and antique furnishings from Asia and Europe, the ancient Japanese aesthetic of Wabi is found throughout the 6,800 sq ft pied-a-terre.

Reuse & Repurpose

Sustainable design is echoed throughout the interior and exterior space. Materials like stone, steel and reclaimed wood were carefully selected and thoughtfully utilized in every area of the penthouse.

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"The 20th Century was a period of making, using, and throwing away and making again. This has been very important for the growing economy but today there is no room anymore to throw away and there are not enough forests to destroy for new wood." Axel Vervoordt

The Details

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The Penthouse offers a large open floorplan with multi-purpose living spaces, including a separate living room and drawing room, a full sized chef’s kitchen, three fireplaces, two and half bathrooms and three bedrooms. The private outdoor gardens on two levels span over 4,000 sq ft and feature a spa pool and dining for 18 guests.

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Floor 1 Floorplan
Penthouse and surrounding Gardens
Floor 2 Floorplan
Outdoor upper level Terrace


The original copper roof of the building has been repurposed by an upstate New York artisan who handcrafted gourd-shaped light fixtures from this metal.

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"The 21st century is a period of recuperation. We have to reuse what is already used or thrown away." Axel Vervoordt

We want to express a TriBeCa character in the most humble way. Because the architecture is so simple, it belongs as much to the past as to the future.

Axel Vervoordt